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An amazing opportunity for you and your partner to breakaway from the daily grind rekindle romance


Nourish your relationship by creating love, understanding, & commitment and integrating them into your lives mindfully


Spend a beautiful weekend bonding and thriving in enchanting Rishikesh with its lush natural greens, divine Ganga and pleasant breeze


Intimacy Forever

  • Unlearn Perfection
  • Falling mindfully
  • Evolving together
  • Defining & respecting boundaries.

Conflict Positive

  • An opportunity for growth .
  • Being mindful in a whirlwind .
  • Upholding your perspective in conflict .

Heal Inner Child

  • Learn how to let your inner child guide you in ‘Love’
  • Allow your inner child to be heard
  • Learn how to be Vulnerable – once again

Thrive Mindfully

  • Phases of Love and how to thrivein each of them
  • Learn the tough science of acceptance
  • Rekindle the forgotten art of ‘Play’



International Facilitator | Coach | Instructional Designer


Country Director |Senior Consultant| Instruction Designer


Holistic healer | Reiki grandmaster

The Program is a 2 days residential and immersive experience for Couples only.

All kinds of couple including those Dating , Engaged , Just Married , Much Married are welcome

Only 25 couples , on first come first served basis .

Complete safety and confidentiality is guaranteed

Fee is Rs 19,500 plus taxes (including stay overnight for Saturday night and all F&B )


Contact Us

Contact for queries at Greg : 9971764792


International Facilitator | Coach | Instructional Designer

Greg Chapman is the founder of Client-Centered Consulting. He is an internationally certified executive coach and a management consultant, who has been facilitating change in people for over 17 years. He has been able to synergize the 10,000 hours he has put in, facilitating and coaching people together with his training as a Gestalt therapist.

Facilitation and coaching as normally happens has equipped him with many methods and constructs, the therapy aspect ironically, enables him to suspend these same methods and constructs and be fully present for the learner in front (weather in a workshop or in a coaching). For his clients then, it no longer about just achieving their goals but about making those same goals more meaningful.

Greg has designed and executed various behavioral interventions for audiences ranging from the CEO & his/her top team to mid-level managers across industries. His flagship interventions are – Leadership Presence, High Impact Communication, Leading in a VUCA world, Instructional Design and Facilitation skills. He has consulted extensively with clients such as Airtel, Accenture, The Hero Group, Ericsson, and about two score more What he values most is his long standing ability to see through the noise and identify the business need for his learning interventions; defining what not to do as much as what ‘to do’ and translating this into solutions that aresticky, tangible and real world centered. He believes in facilitating in areas which he has lived and experienced.

He is deeply passionate about motorcycling and that too in the hills. But the picture would not be completewithout one of his favourite books tucked away in his saddle bags.


Country Director |Senior Consultant| Instruction Designer

Marut Bhardwaj has over 26 years of experience supporting large organizations through complex change.

She combines her 15 years of intense practice of mindfulness with 26 years of experience in implementing strategy solutions across industries for Sales & Marketing stakeholders, from an entrepreneurial digital marketing agency to a Fortune 500 MNC environment, on the Board of Directors.

An avid practioner of meditation and mindfulness, she pioneered in the space of mindfulness for Corporates by launching the successful annual event MINDFUL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT INDIA . She had designed and delivered Leadership interventions to leading organizations in India including Oberoi’s Group, British Council , Qualcomm ,Capgemini and Coca Cola to name a few. As a Speaker /facilitator she has delivered Keynotes and Webinars to members of NHRDN, Community Business and Mindful Leaders Forum.

Marut offers many years of personal experience with mind training in her dedication to the quest for holistic and meaningful life for all in their personal and professional space. She strongly believes in the power of mindfulness in enhancing decision-making, organizational productivity and wellbeing.

Passionate about her practice, and her quest to bring calm and wisdom to all , she is an avid reader and researcher, always seeking to better understand and deepen her knowledge of Humans and their Minds.


Holistic healer | Reiki grandmaster

Ayesha is a holistic healer and Reiki grandmaster and has spent 10 years healing people.

Her speciality is restoring or enhancing the hormony and energy levels of a relationship. As part of her method of healing she enables couple to create their own strategies for dealing with the vagaries of life.

She cleanses chakras and advises couples about what they need to do at the energy level to restore  balance and togetherness in their lives